Window profiles with GEALAN-acrylcolor surface
Nov 3, 2021

GEALAN-acrylcolor - the original.

GEALAN's proven surface technology gets own brand name

Ever since 1980, GEALAN’s surface technology has proven itself in millions of profile metres and has been continuously developed throughout the years – the system provider is now sending a signal with the name of its high-quality PMMA surface: With its GEALAN-acrylcolor brand, GEALAN is now clearly positioning itself on the market and will make the original recognizable at first glance in the future.

A product that has proven itself for a long time on the market and many times in plastic profiles is now getting its own brand name. GEALAN is repositioning its high-quality PMMA surface: acrylcolor is now GEALAN-acrylcolor. The benefits of plastic windows with GEALAN-acrylcolor have been apparent for more than 40 years: The surface finish made of acrylic glass is extremely durable, weatherproof and robust. GEALAN-acrylcolor is absolutely colourfast and available in a remarkably wide range of colours that even includes refined metallics.

Long-lasting and sustainable

Besides excellent material properties and aesthetic aspects, GEALAN-acrylcolor also scores in terms of sustainability. This is made possible by continuous development of the profile extrusion. In the tri-extrusion process, it is now possible to add recyclate as a third material in addition to PMMA and PVC to produce profiles with a recycled core and first-class surfaces, such as GEALAN-acrylcolor. This makes these extremely long-lasting, up to 100% recyclable PVC windows even more sustainable, as they are more resource-efficient.

Tested a million times

GEALAN has been selling its acrylcolor surface ever since its market launch in 1980, in millions of profile metres. Thanks to the considerable diversity of the system, GEALAN-acrylcolor can be found all over – whether in renovations or new construction projects, in classic or modern design styles. With the GEALAN S 8000, S 9000 and GEALAN-KUBUS systems alone, any conceivable construction project, from window and sliding solutions to front and terrace doors can be realized with GEALAN-acrylcolor – accompanied by a wide range of accessories with this high-quality surface too. And not just in Germany, but all across Europe: French and Dutch systems are also produced with the GEALAN-acrylcolor surface as standard. Many years of successful practical application attest to the uniqueness of the GEALAN-acrylcolor brand.

Ever since 1980, GEALAN has continuously expanded its core expertise in surface design to a level unrivalled on the market. This unique position is now also conveyed in the brand name: With GEALAN-acrylcolor, the plastic system provider is now positioning its proven surface technology as an original.

GEALAN-acrylcolor - the better surface.

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Window profile with GEALAN-acrylcolor surface

Window profile with GEALAN-acrylcolor surface