Architects' Darling Award 2021
Nov 12, 2021

GEALAN wins gold again with BIM solution

GEALAN's BIM data offering is named the best solution nationwide for the second time in a row

GEALAN's Building Information Modelling data offering once again convinced the jury at the Architects' Darling Award 2021 and was named the best solution in the construction industry nationwide for the second time after 2020. With this, the PVC system provider headquartered in Oberkotzau, Germany, confirms its pioneering role in digital planning.

For the eleventh time in a row, Germany's construction industry has searched for the best performance, products and services nationwide - and has once again found GEALAN. After third place in 2019 and first place in the same category last year, the golden ARCHITECTS' DARLING Award for the "best BIM data offering" once again went to GEALAN. All companies in the construction industry throughout Germany were eligible to apply.

Developing tools for the window business of the future

"The second gold in a row confirms our solution-oriented work and shows us that we are developing the right tools for the window business of the future," Özkan Arslan, Head of Digital Planning at GEALAN, is pleased to say, adding: "The ARCHITECTS' DARLING 2021 award means that we have understood what our partners really need in planning matters. What I can promise: We will not rest on our success and will continue to work steadily to expand our BIM offering and perfectly match the needs of our clients and partners."

The great success is the work of many at GEALAN and also at the digitalization partner DBS (Digital Building Solutions). Together they are working on digital solutions for the entire value chain in window construction. The area of window planning plays a fundamental role in this. The planning solution DBS WinDo Planning is based on the planning configurator, which makes BIM-compatible planning possible thanks to the BIM plug-in. "I would also like to say a special thanks to all my colleagues for their support. This unlimited joy in innovation is what makes our developments so great at GEALAN," Özkan Arslan emphasises.

Free planning, directly verifiable and free of charge

When it comes to visual 3D modelling of windows and doors in buildings, GEALAN's Gold solution has a lot to offer: With GEALAN's BIM offering, a realistic simulation with current products in various levels of detail is possible. On the one hand, predefined, but also freely plannable window and door elements of all types and shapes are available. And to avoid any surprises for the architect during the tendering process, the technical feasibility of the desired project can be tested in advance with the GEALAN solution. The exterior view of the building can also be displayed using GEALAN software, including the simulated windows and doors. In addition, the size of the 3D model data has been optimized to ensure fluid applications at all times. On top of that, the project structure was integrated into the planner software 2.0, as part of GEALAN's BIM solution. This facilitates the exchange of information and geometric data between the participants enormously.

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Architects' Darling Award 2021

Architects' Darling Award 2021: Gold for GEALAN