Surface technology


World of Brands: GEALAN-acrylcolor

A one-of-a-kind surface

GEALAN-acrylcolor stands for outstanding diversity in terms of design and colour. GEALAN has been consistently refining the unique surface technology for more than 40 years now. Window systems with GEALAN-acrylcolor meet the highest technical and functional demands for innovative, coloured surfaces. The colored profiles are enormously resistant, color-fast and easy to clean.

GEALAN-acrylcolor profiles are manufactured using the coextrusion process. This technique sets new standards because it differs significantly from other conventional coloring processes. The result stands for unsurpassed color properties and many years of color stability.

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World of Brands: GEALAN-acrylcolor

Preserving surfaces - designing living spaces

In the coextrusion process, the white PVC base body and the colored acrylic glass (PMMA) are fused together. Acrylic glass is a high-quality product, that has proven its qualities many times in industries such as automotive (tail lights) and interior design. The PVC profile acts as a carrier material, while the thin plexiglas layer ensures the color of the profiles. Today, numerous standard colors are available for the various GEALAN profile systems. However, in addition to these standard colors, individual colors are also possible depending on the object.

GEALAN-acrylcolor® color variations
World of Brands: GEALAN-acrylcolor

Colored windows for life

Extremely weather resistant
No spalling
Low maintenance
Cosmetic repairs possible
World of Brands: GEALAN-acrylcolor

Proven for decades

Refurbishment of a residential building in Hamburg, Germany, profile system GEALAN-LUMAXX with GEALAN-acrylcolor RAL 9010
Beach house in the Bay of Lübeck, Germany, profile systems GEALAN-KUBUS and S 9000 with GEALAN-acrylcolor RAL 7016
Outer view of a beach house in Lübeck Bay, Germany, profile systems GEALAN-KUBUS and S 9000 with GEALAN-acrylcolor RAL 7016
Office in Koblenz, Germany
Hotel & Restaurant in Asch, Czech Republic
Residential area in Hamburg, Germany
Residential in Hamburg, Germany
Residential area Bouche Gardens in Berlin, Germany