Surface technology


World of Brands: SPECTRAL

Visually fascinating. Haptically irresistible. Technically sophisticated.

SPECTRAL gives PVC products an entirely new aesthetic dimension:

The surface technology has been developed in-house in proven quality. It impresses not only visually, but also haptically - and with a variety of special technical properties.

SPECTRAL surfaces can be used for VEKA profile systems as well as VEKAPLAN panel systems.

World of Brands: SPECTRAL

Looks classy - and feels classy too

The ultra-matt surface finish literally turns new windows into a sensual experience: SPECTRAL surfaces inspire visually and haptically - for all those who want to combine stylish contemporary design with state-of-the-art properties.

  • Selected color shades: ideal for modern architectural styles and design-conscious living
  • Elegant appearance: thanks to ultra-matt finish and unique depth effect
  • Extremely low reflection: such matt surfaces are unique on the market
  • Continuous development: more design variations and additional color shades are being added all the time
SPECTRAL color variations
World of Brands: SPECTRAL

A new level of technical design

SPECTRAL combines design standards and technology to perfection.

  • High-quality finishing technology
  • Extremely weather resistant and durable
  • 10-year warranty on weather resistance
  • Combines unique aesthetics with durability and resistance
  • Insensitive to a wide range of environmental influences
  • Very high abrasion resistance: the specially hardened paint surface still looks good after many years
SPECTRAL surfaces

The high art of color & surface

Exterior view of the Lighthouse Hotel & Spa in Büsum, Germany
Bathroom in the Lighthouse Hotel & Spa in Büsum, Germany
Exterior view of the Lighthouse Hotel & Spa in Büsum, Germany
Showroom in Sendenhorst, Germany
SPECTRAL Tender Oak window profiles
 Advertising image of SPECTRAL surfaces
Samples of window profiles in various SPECTRAL colors