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Corporate Responsibility at VEKA

Our industry commitment

Our industry commitment

The building sector as a key function

The building sector plays a key role in climate protection - after all, it is responsible for around 38 percent of global carbon emissions (source: The 2020 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction). Because the construction sector is one of the most emission- and resource-intensive industries, it can now also actively contribute to achieving the global climate protection goals.

As a leading manufacturer of plastic profile systems for windows and doors, we are making our contribution to the transformation of the industry. With our products, we provide building owners, architects and window manufacturers with energy-efficient and smart window and ventilation solutions.

Buildings are key to achieving energy-saving targets. Windows play an essential role in this.
Arne Post
Head of Product Management Profile Systems at VEKA AG
Arne Post
Energie-efficient products

Windows as a lever for better climate protection

Climate protection is one of the so-called megatrends in the construction and real estate industry. This is not surprising - after all, more than two thirds of the final energy consumption in an average private house is due to heating. Accordingly, the legislator has strengthened energy-efficient construction and modernisation with energy saving regulations. Rising prices for oil and gas make the careful use of these energy sources even more sensible.

In particular, window systems made of polyvinyl chloride - or PVC for short - have extremely good properties when it comes to the insulating performance and higher energy efficiency of buildings. For this reason, we rely on PVC for our profile solutions, the optimal material for this type of application. In addition, the recyclability of PVC is another advantage that we have been using at VEKA Recycling for more than 25 years.

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Saving energy through modern 3-fold thermal insulation glazing

Our industry commitment

VinylPlus, Rewindo & EPPA

As a founding member, we support Rewindo as well as the voluntary commitment within VinylPlus. Through our membership in the European PVC profile manufacturers' association EPPA, we have actively supported the idea of VinylPlus.

Explained in video

What can the European PVC window profile industry do to help reaching the EU climate goals?

EPPA, the European PVC Window Profile Association, answers this question in the following video.

EPPA Video on circular economy

PVC window recycling towards a circular economy

VinylPlus Product Label

Certified sustainability

The VinylPlus product label is the first European sustainability label for PVC.

The label is based on a demanding set of requirements, which are verified by independent third parties. To qualify for the VinylPlus Product Label, the selected PVC products must meet a set of criteria ranging from holistic company policy to product sustainability. Those who finally receive the label can count themselves among the leading suppliers of sustainable PVC solutions:

VEKA AG at the Sendenhorst site was one of the first companies to be awarded the label and has been recertified in 2020. The VEKA plant in Poland also received the VinylPlus product label in 2020. Since 2019, GEALAN is also one of the certified VinylPlus partners in Europe.

A core objective of VinylPlus is to increase the amount of PVC recycled in Europe to at least one million tons by 2030. In addition, the members of the initiative want, among other things...

  • promote the sustainable use of additives,
  • increase the contribution of products to sustainable development, and
  • reduce CO2 emissions and energy as well as resource consumption along the entire value chain.

VinylPlus product label