Corporate social responsibility at VEKA

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being future-friendly

Our economic activities are focused on sustainability. As a family business, we strive for a future-friendly corporate development with secure jobs in a healthy environment.

We are convinced that only long-term partnerships with our customers and business partners are the key to success. The prerequisite for establishing successful partnerships is trust in the quality and safety of our products and services.

To justify this trust, our understanding of sustainability relates to all levels of the value chain. This includes research and development aimed at eco-efficiency, transparent supply chains, energy- and environmentally friendly production, and international leadership in recycling.

It is the people in our company who develop and implement the processes required to achieve this. We therefore encourage and engage our employees and develop their sense of responsibility for sustainable business.

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We're leading VEKA into a sustainable future - and our net-zero goal is the next important step.
David Beckers
CSR Manager VEKA Group
David Beckers
VEKA Umwelttechnik in Germany

Our road to net-zero

The VEKA Group has set itself a clear goal of climate neutrality: by 2045, the company group aims to operate in a climate-neutral manner across the entire value chain at all locations and across all scopes.

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Our CSR understanding

What does CSR at VEKA mean?

CSR dimensions at VEKA

Our CSR concept integrates the importance of economic stability and secure jobs in a healthy environment. Based on this understanding, we have defined three CSR dimensions:

Environment, People and Company.

We want to create a world that is worthliving in, and that is viable and fair for future generations.Since business, society and the environment are interlinked, we always look at themtogether. In other words, for us, sustainability is always three-dimensional.

Latest news on CSR

Dr. Matthias Koch und David Beckers
Jul 4, 2023
VEKA Group commits to net zero target by 2045

The VEKA Group with its two system providers VEKA and GEALAN has set itself the clear goal of climate neutrality. By 2045, the Sendenhorst-based group of companies aims to operate in a climate-neutral manner across the entire value chain at all locations and across all scopes.

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New silo at GEALAN Tanna
May 16, 2023
Recycled material in PVC profiles is steadily increasing

Heavy equipment was recently used at the GEALAN production and logistics site in Tanna: with two cranes, a new silo was erected at the site entrance, visible from afar. The container, which weighs around seven tonnes, was delivered the night before by heavy transport.

In the future, Rewindo material, i.e. PVC granulate from old windows, will be stored in the additional silo.

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Durchblick VEKA Schweiz 2022
Dec 22, 2022
VEKA thinks and acts future-friendly

As Manager Corporate Social Responsibility/ Sustainability, David Beckers drives the topic of sustainability within the VEKA Group and thus fulfils the family-run company's claim to make the world a little bit better. For our distribution in Switzerland, Mr Beckers has now given an interview on the topic of CSR and sustainability at the VEKA Group as part of the magazine "durchblick".

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David Beckers, CSR Manager
David Beckers
CSR Manager
VEKA Group