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Environment, education, social concerns or culture - the VEKA Group companies and their employees are involved in these areas in many different ways in and around their locations. All these projects share one common goal: to improve the quality of life for the local population.


Green thinking and acting

Thinking green means thinking about your own behaviour and the impact on the environment with the aim of improving the lives of all by your own actions. This is something that not only every individual can do, but also we as a globally active group of companies. For this reason, we attach great importance to the sustainable use of the world's resources and are committed to a fututre-friendly development of our company.

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Only when we start to see discarded PVC windows anddoors as valuable resources rather than waste, can we start tothink of the economy in a completely new way: as a cycle in whichmany resources are already available – we just need to use them.We began this journey in 1993 when we founded VEKAUmwelttechnik. Since 2006, we’ve also been recycling PVCthroughout Europe at our other sites in England and France.
François Auble
Managing Director VEKA Recyclage (France)

Certifications: paving the wayfor long-term improvement

When it comes to corporate environmental protection, certification is more than just an instrument for controlling environmental impacts. EMAS and ISO certifications play a key role for us.

In the future, saving energy will become even more important – not only for climate protection, but also in view of fluctuating energy prices and supply uncertainties. As part of our ISO 50001 certification, we were able to set up our energy management system. Since then, we’ve continued to develop our measurement methods.

At our two German GEALAN sites, Tanna and Oberkotzau, we have been able to reduce our energy consumption in recent years, despite an increase in production volume.

Energy comsumption at GEALAN in relation to production volume in t

Sustainable building products for a sustainable future

At VEKA, acting in a resource- and climate-friendly manner encompasses all stages of the value chain - from energy and water consumption to the use of long-lasting materials and the recycling of discarded products. As a pioneer in the industry, we introduced the closed recycling loop already in 1993 - entirely in the sense of a holistic circular economy.

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Climate change is one of the greatest challenges ofour time. It is our responsibility to minimise our impacton the environment and the climate. At the same time,we must adapt our products to the effects of climatechange so that they can withstand the wind, rain andsun of the future.
Tim Taylor
Commercial Director VEKA plc (UK)

Keeping an eye on the life cycle of windows

VEKA has been thinking in terms of cycles for a long time. Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are an important tool for the circular economy.

Using the “Design for Recycling” concept our goal is to recycle as much plastic as possible and reuse this recycled material in new products. It is based on three principles: our profiles must be able to contain recycled material; new profiles must be recyclable; and they must meet the quality expectations of our customers and end users.

Lifecycle of a window

Highlights of our product range

29.6 %
proportion of recycled materials used inVEKA and GEALAN profiles in Europe in 2022
25,100 t
carbon emissions saved, as compared to the use of new PVC at VEKA AG, thanks to the use of recyclate
70-75 %
energy saved by replacing old windows with new ones
2 kg
CO2 saved per kilogram of recyclate (compared to the use of virgin material)
90 %
of our raw material suppliers have a successful quality management system
75 %
of our suppliers have the ISO 14001 environmental standard

Health and safety for our employees

Our employees are our most valuable asset. We trust our employees and support them in their professional and personal development. Our relationship is characterised by appreciation, commitment, courage and trust.

As a family-oriented company, we are pleased that parental leave is very popular in the VEKA Group. In 2021, 78 % of employees on parental leave were men – since men make up a high proportion of our workforce.

Well-implemented health and safety (H&S) management is the basis for employee satisfaction. At VEKA, we want to create the perfect conditions for our employees so that everyone is safe and feels comfortable.

Illustration employees
Mental health is an issue that our managers and employees have addressed. Both the contact personsi n the HR department and the works council refer employees in difficult life situations to Krisenhilfe Münster e. V.. We’re very grateful for this collaboration and hope that it will provide real support for our employees.
Elke Hartleif
Chief Human Resources Officer VEKA Group

Facts & figures of our workforce

employees group-wide
86 %
men in 2021
14 %
women in 2021
employees on parental leave in 2021
30 %
lower relative accident frequency (per 1,000 employees) at VEKA AG than the industry average of the BG RCI

Social engagement has many faces

Within the VEKA Group, we are committed to corporate development that is future-friendly. In the past, we have already been able to celebrate many successes in the area of CSR. In addition to ecological and economic savings, this also includes a commitment in the social are and local communities.

Illustration Society
In my 30 years with VEKA, I’ve never been a part of something as powerful and meaningful as Kelly’s Heroes. I am so proud of all the VEKA employees, customers and partners that contributed to the charity event in support of suicide prevention awareness both in North America and in Europe.
Steve Dillon
Marketing Director, VEKA Inc. (USA)

Additional projects from our Business Units

Social engagement is important to us, whether around current challenges, health or the common good. The VEKA Group and its employees are committed to their communities and beyond.