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Smart Home for everyone

By connecting window and façade systems intelligently, end customers can not only automatically create the perfect indoor climate, but also protect their own home with one click. This leaves more time for the important things in life thanks to automated processes.

At TEXINO, both smart home beginners and technology-savvy smart home professionals benefit from products that are easy to use and uncomplicated to install. Thanks to the seamless compatibility with the products of our partner Homematic IP, a smart home can be individualized and upgraded for almost any living situation.

One system - various options

Numerous aspects that users would have to think about are controlled automatically with TEXINO Smart Home. From the perfect room climate in the bedroom to smart door unlocking and automatic shading.

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Advantages of smart home solutions

Multifunctional and easy to retrofit

Comfort & quality of life
Uncomplicated & user-friendly
Data security & data protection
High compatibility
Intrusion protection
Quality & reliability
Energy efficiency
Humidity in the bathroom during a shower
Smart home solutions by TEXINO

A home to feel good

With automation components from TEXINO end customers create an ideal indoor climate with balanced temperature, ideal oxygen level and humidity.

The smart home components can automatically regulate the temperature and automatically open and close windows. This prevents the formation of mould due to high humidity, e.g. in the bathroom, and regulates the heating energy individually - for an optimized and healthy indoor climate in each room.