GEALAN high-bay warehouse in Tanna
May 19, 2022

Groundbreaking ceremony for GEALAN high-bay warehouse

Multi-million euro project kicks off

Start of construction for the next GEALAN milestone: The groundbreaking ceremony for a fully automated high-bay warehouse took place at the production and logistics site in Tanna, Germany. The cost of the construction project has been estimated at around 14 million euros, making it one of the largest single investments in the history of the PVC profile manufacturer. The company is planning to put the new high-bay warehouse into operation in the first half of 2024.

The symbolic ground-breaking ceremony to mark the start of construction was attended by the two GEALAN CEOs, Ivica Maurović and Tino Albert, as well as the Saale-Orla District Chief Executive Thomas Fügmann and Tanna's mayor, Marco Seidel. After months of intensive planning, the GEALAN CEOs are delighted and proud that the excavators can get back to work in the Kapelle business park. Ivica Maurovic: “This multi-million-euro investment will make GEALAN more effective and more future-proof. It’s also a clear commitment to our location in Tanna and the entire region.” Tino Albert adds: “The investment in our high-bay warehouse will take our logistics to a new level. The opportunities that fully-automated warehousing presents will enable GEALAN to plan, work and deliver even more efficiently.”

The GEALAN high-bay warehouse

  • Dimensions: Length 125 m, Height 26 m, Width 22 m
  • Number of storage spaces: 5,020
  • Payload per rack: 1,700 kg
  • Output up to: approx. 70 rack changes per hour

The storage and retrieval of goods in the high-bay warehouse is controlled by modern software and carried out mechanically by two so-called rack feeders. This increases the speed and safety of the work steps. The ergonomic design of the picking stations significantly reduces the physical strain on employees.

The advantages of a high-bay warehouse

A high-bay warehouse is a warehouse with shelves from a height of 12 metres. Normally, it offers several thousand pallet storage spaces for the storage of both flat goods and long goods. GEALAN will set up what is known as an automated long goods warehouse at the Tanna site by 2024. Automatic high-bay and long-goods warehouses make optimal use of the available space: the height ensures that larger volumes can be stored in a minimum of floor space. It also reduces the distances that have to be covered to deliver or transport goods. Due to the full automation, the system is capable of handling even large, heavy and bulky goods quickly and efficiently.

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New GEALAN high-bay warehouse in Tanna

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New GEALAN high-bay warehouse
New GEALAN high-bay warehouse
New GEALAN high-bay warehouse
New GEALAN high-bay warehouse