Aerial view of VEKA in Sendenhorst
Nov 23, 2023

VEKA Group commemorates Dr Werner Schuler

Dr Werner Schuler, the VEKA Group's long-term Chief Technology Officer, passed away unexpectedly at the end of October 2023 at the age of 60. During his 24 years with the company, Dr Schuler made a great contribution to the development of the VEKA Group's production facilities.

Werner Schuler joined the company in 1999 and took over as Chief Technology Officer in 2001. He was responsible for the areas of product quality, strategic production planning and standardization of production technology. He was also responsible for the entire production and warehouse logistics at the company headquarters in Sendenhorst.

He was characterized by his extraordinary expertise, his high level of personal commitment and his constant enjoyment of new technical challenges. He pursued his work with passion and a pronounced vision. Hardly anyone in the industry has dealt with the many aspects of extrusion technology as intensively as he did.

As a recognized expert, Dr Schuler was a welcome guest at many events and enjoyed sharing his knowledge with others. He has long been recognized in the industry as one of the leading experts in the further development and optimization of screw conveyors in the extrusion process.

With the Eurotech standard in the European production network, he harmonized the European production facilities and thus created the basis for the growth and success of the VEKA Group. The increasing internationalization of the European markets also benefited from these developments, because for him there was only one way forward, no turning back. Werner Schuler not only set standards in the area of quality and continuous process optimization, but also successfully anchored the high technical standards he helped to develop throughout the VEKA Group.

With his hands-on approach and his special sense of humor, he was able to unite people behind him and motivate them to perform at their best.

We will always remember his great commitment to our company. At the same time, we extend our deepest sympathy to his family, especially his wife and three children.

Dr Werner Schuler in his office

We are sad to announce the loss of our long-time Chief Technology Officer, Dr Werner Schuler, who passed away unexpectedly at the end of October.