Andreas Hartleif, CEO VEKA Group
Mar 30, 2022 | PRESS RELEASE

VEKA Group statement on the situation in Ukraine and Russia

VEKA Group CEO Andreas Hartleif comments below on the current situation and VEKA Group's actions:

"For about a month now, the terrible and heinous aggression against Ukraine has kept the world and VEKA Group on tenterhooks. Day after day, we are challenged to draw conclusions and consequences from this, both personally and entrepreneurially.

Our group of companies, with its two brands VEKA and GEALAN, is in a special situation because we are represented with our own subsidiaries and plants in both Ukraine and Russia.

Our solidarity goes out to the Ukrainians who are defending their homeland with great determination. We are particularly concerned about our colleagues and their families. We have been in constant communication with them and have provided targeted support since the beginning of the conflict to ensure that aid reaches where it is most needed. This includes, among other things, several deliveries of medicines that we have organised for the people in Ukraine.

Furthermore, thanks to the help of many colleagues and VEKA partners throughout Europe, many relatives and children of our employees were able to reach Germany in the meantime, where people from our immediate environment offer them safe accommodation. We are very grateful for these signs of humanity and the outstanding willingness of everyone in the VEKA Group to help. As long as our plant in Ukraine is not able to produce, we will ensure the supply of customers there by allowing them to purchase profiles directly from Germany.

Our attitude towards Russia, on the other hand, is very ambivalent.

For well over 20 years, we have maintained diverse business relations in the country, which have been severely burdened by the current situation and are therefore suspended.

We are refraining from all investments in Russia and at the same time sticking to the delivery stop that has already been decreed. To this end, we will monitor further developments very closely and adjust our actions accordingly."

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Andreas Hartleif, CEO VEKA Group

VEKA Group CEO, Andreas Hartleif, comments on the current situation in Ukraine and Russia and on the measures taken