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Feb 9, 2022

We create the frame

GEALAN launches international campaign

Under the slogan “We create the frame” the PVC system provider GEALAN now confidently reveals the big picture within its new campaign: namely, that it has far more to offer than innovative (window) frames.

GEALAN manufactures PVC profiles from which windows are manufactured. Over fifty years of experience and innovative technologies go into every single GEALAN profile. But GEALAN’s expertise goes much further than that. With its new “We create the frame” campaign, it plans to highlight its extensive range of services in a clear and authentic fashion. And in a way that’s suited to its target groups: namely comprehensibly prepared and described for architects and planners, window manufacturers and distributors – but just as much for private customers, who ultimately live with and reside alongside GEALAN’s solutions.

The framework around the PVC frame

What do partners and customers need even before finished profiles when it comes to their planning and business models? How can GEALAN support the processing, installation, promotion and sale of new windows and doors? Which customized software solutions help GEALAN customers in their day-to-day business when these PVC profiles have long since become new products? Here, GEALAN creates a well thought-out framework around the actual PVC frame: digital tools and expert contact staff support planners, subcontractors and distributors. Service and further training provide GEALAN customers with practical training for their daily work – allowing them to concentrate on the essentials: cutting-edge, technically sophisticated windows, doors and sliding systems.

Thinking within an even larger frame: sustainable thinking and acting at GEALAN has been protecting the environment and resources for over 25 years. Our PVC profiles already consist to a large extent from recycled material. We rely on green electricity and efficient processes. This can be verified – and in many areas as an industry pioneer. We create the frame.

Frame of a pool is missing

What would the world be without frames?

What does this campaign offer?

Whether high-quality products and technologies, digital solutions, helpful advice and services: GEALAN has packed them into video clips and explained them on the web. Compiled for all target groups – with topics they really need.

Eight video clips, 13 web pages, 18 languages

The core of the campaign consists of eight video clips that show specifically per target group and topic what GEALAN has to offer. To continue and deepen these topics, 13 web pages were created. In this way, every visitor to the digital campaign environment gets to know GEALAN and its expertise in precisely the way they find interesting and helpful. And by the way, they aren’t just in German: as a company operating throughout Europe, GEALAN has created an international campaign – with commercials and web pages in a total of 18 languages!

The ideal starting point for the tour for all visitors is the campaign page “We create the frame”, which provides an initial overview and explains the background of the campaign in more detail. And from there – and in a target-group-oriented fashion – architects and planners, manufacturers and distributors, as well as private customers, are led on to the web pages put together especially for them.

Window manufacturers and distributors, for instance, are taken into the world of GEALAN systems and products that is important to them. They will also learn about the great potential of the digitalized window business of the future and be shown real added value for their business development.

Architects can see for themselves how GEALAN digital tools make their window planning much easier. GEALAN has the solution ready to turn any vision into reality.

If private customers would like to be inspired by GEALAN’s possibilities, they’re also in just the right place on the campaign’s new web pages: in addition to modern building and residential trends, they will also find smart ventilation solutions and easily retrofittable burglary protection, for example. Of course, the new GEALAN “We create the frame” campaign isn’t just on the web pages mentioned: both online and off, numerous advertising motifs, posters, social media posts, video clips and photo galleries show how GEALAN is further developing the window business of the future far beyond traditional profile production and actively supporting its customers and partners.

GEALAN manufacturers

Targeted communication for window manufacturers

Authenticity first:

100% GEALAN, 100% from the region

What was important in the development of this new presence? The GEALAN campaign should be authentic – from the development of concepts to the creation and production of videos, copy and photos. Created in-house, with the involvement of those target groups being addressed. Comprehensible, because written in the language of GEALAN’s partners. Presented in entertaining video clips and strikingly illustrated so that it quickly becomes clear in what areas GEALAN offers real added value.

Without using actors, without artificial stages

“We create the frame” – this isn’t just the title of GEALAN’s new campaign, but also describes our journey to get there i.e. only real “GEALANis”, that is our employees, developed this campaign and feature in its motifs and commercials. In this way, they create the framework for the campaign on their own initiative. You won’t find any actors booked in for GEALAN’s campaign.

Based on some initial ideas, content was jointly developed. Drafts were initially presented to manufacturers, distributors, architects and end customers: “Are we addressing topics that are relevant?”, “Do people understand our message?” and “Is it really us?” were the crucial questions. It quickly became clear: only with feedback from crucial partners and lots of constructive colleagues can the campaign’s central theme finally emerge.

From the concept to the commercials, web presence and ads – all these things are 100% GEALAN. And 100% regional – because all motifs and clips were created around GEALAN’s two German locations in Oberkotzau and Tanna: flashes, red lights for shooting and whirring drones could be observed for days in local gardens, above sports fields or at processors in the immediate vicinity. And created the GEALAN campaign motifs that are now travelling from the region throughout Europe.

The campaign will be played out across Europe for several months starting in February 2022. It’s intended to make GEALAN and its expertise widely known and thus sustainably strengthen the PVC system provider’s brand.

We’ll take you on a journey through GEALAN’s world – “We create the frame” starts here:

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Architect using the PC

Targeted communication for architects