VEKA Future Days 2022
Jul 1, 2022

Sustainability in the spotlight

Innovations and partnership at the VEKA Future Days

New products, current topics, proven partnership: Around 350 guests from partner companies from all over Germany discussed future demands on window production at the VEKA Future Days. On June 22 - 23, 2022 they got to know the practical answers of their system provider. The focus was on the topic of sustainability as a central task of our time. At the end of the event, in addition to the joy of the personal reunion, there was also the certainty that VEKA is thinking ahead and has innovative solutions ready for the challenges of the future.

"The close dialogue with our fabricators is of great importance to us. That is why we are pleased that this event was so well received and that we were able to welcome so many guests here in Sendenhorst," explains Josef L. Beckhoff, Board Member for Sales and Marketing, after a long break to once again facilitate a comprehensive exchange with VEKA partners. "With the VEKA Future Days, we successfully created a framework in which we could discuss current topics, trends and innovations together."

Looking at the big picture - and the details

The programme of the VEKA Future Days was diverse. It placed the topic of sustainability as a comprehensive task in the spotlight, but also always focused on concrete technical solutions. In addition, it left plenty of room for personal discussion among partners. The atmosphere was correspondingly good among all participants, who were warmly welcomed by Sales Director Josef L. Beckhoff and Sales Manager Profiles Germany, Alexander Scholle.

At the start, the well-known weather and climate expert Frank Böttcher outlined the thematic framework of the VEKA Future Days. In his keynote speech, he explained the basics of climate change and impressively described the more frequent weather extremes, the often devastating consequences of which have long been felt in Germany.

His conclusion was: "Humans still have the power to stop this development. One building block for this is the far-reaching modernization of the building stock. Frank Lange, Managing Director of the VFF and the Gütegemeinschaft Fenster, Fassade und Haustüren (Quality Association for Windows, Façades and Front Doors), explained how the legislator intends to drive this process forward and how window manufacturers can benefit from it.

VEKA has also long been aware of the issue of climate change, as Hermann Schmitz made clear. The Head of Technology & Innovation presented examples of solutions for thermal insulation, ventilation and shading with which VEKA partners can meet future requirements. He also emphasised that VEKA's high class A profile quality has long been the best basis for countering increasing environmental influences with stable and functional window constructions.

David Beckers described how comprehensively VEKA is committed to more sustainability in its own company. The CSR manager used everyday examples to explain what "future-friendly" sustainability means, i.e. acting with future generations in mind - and how corresponding improvements can also be achieved by VEKA partners. One of the most important measures to achieve our sustainability goals is the recycling of old plastic windows and production residues, emphasized Alexander Möhne, Sales Manager of VEKA Umwelttechnik, at the end of the compact morning programme.

Specific solutions in the portfolio

The VEKA Future Days functioned as a forum for dialogue and information, but also as a trade fair. Accordingly, the 400 sqm exhibit area with numerous information walls on current topics, e.g. burn-off-free welding processes, glass bonding and sustainable windows, was highly frequented.

The participants were particularly interested in VEKA's latest product innovations. Among other things, they were able to see exhibits made from the VEKA AluConnect profile system for aluminium windows, the VEKAMOTION 82 MAX lift-and-slide door system and the VEKAVARIANT EPS insulation box solution for new buildings. Expert staff members were happy to explain details about technology and processing.

In addition, the second part of the programme included various practical events and workshops. For example, the VEKA Systemtechnikum demonstrated the production of aluminium windows made of VEKA AluConnect as well as the application of modern zero-joint welding processes.

VEKAInside, a mobile home comprehensively equipped with VEKA Group products in the style of a small house, proved to be a real "crowd puller". The entire range of the diverse portfolio of the various brands such as VEKA AluConnect, Celotec, DBS, TEXINO, Vinylit, VEKAPLAN or VEKA OLP with its high technical and optical quality could be experienced here in a compact space.

Convivial and social conclusion

To celebrate the personal reunion, all participants of the VEKA Future Days and their contacts at VEKA were invited to a joint evening - an offer that was gladly accepted. This direct exchange was extremely important, according to Chairman of the Board Andreas Hartleif, who welcomed the guests once again at this point and, together with his wife Elke, took the opportunity for personal conversation.

VEKA Future Days exhibition

Great interest: In the 400 square metre exhibition area, window manufacturers took a close look at VEKA's latest innovations.

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VEKA Future Days 2022 Exhibition